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Kids seem to grow up so quickly these days, one minute it feels like they're cute chubby babies inseparable from a teddy bear and the next they seem to be off to senior school and are now inseparable from a smartphone!!

Our studio in Tamworth, just a short drive from Drayton Manor and easily accessible from Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull and further afield is ideal for family shoots. The younger children, excited about visiting somewhere totally different get the opportunity to strut their stuff in their posh clothes and the older ones get the chance to mimic their favourite stars from TV and YouTube and become the star of the show themselves.

So it doesn't matter how old your family is, a portrait session is for everyone. 

This generation, like no other is far more comfortable in front of a camera with everyone snapping away with smartphones and sharing with everyone on a multitude of social media platforms.

But with everything shared with anyone how do we make space for the precious moments in our life? Well....we have a solution just for that. We print them.

A printed photograph will always be special. Mounted on the wall or in a display album printing makes a statement and in this digital age it turns your shoot into something special.

Our prints all come with boutique packaging and 

Our more extravagant wall art can be seen here and is the culmination of years of researching the industries leading print labs to source the very best products that they offer. Each and every piece is a stunning product in its own right and when mounted in your home will be an attention grabbing conversation piece for years to come.

Our wall art is sourced from specialist labs and isn't available from high street retailers so you can be assured that by investing with us you will get something quite special, however, there are times when you would prefer the simplicity of prints so all of our prints come in beautiful boutique packaging.

Please use the form below to get in touch and together we can plan your trip to our studio...and the making of some memories.

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