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Hi, and welcome to my website, 

We seem to be constantly surrounded by photos. We carry dozens if not hundreds with us on our mobile phones, we publish many to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and everyone is constantly snapping away with their phones.

Yet we never seem to take the time to cherish our photos and our memories, always looking to add yet another layer of digital photos to our mobile devices but losing the moment in the volume we take.

I'm passionate about photography (obviously!!) but I want my photos to capture a moment in time. A memory. An experience. A Time Machine to transport us all back to when the photo was taken. Especially photos of my children.

They grow up too fast. They are always changing and growing yet sometimes I want to go back to when they were younger, not because it was better, just different.

I want that Time Machine. If only for a few moments.

And it's not just with the kids. I want to go back to a time when there was just the two of us. A magical time when the world truly was our oyster and everything was great because we did it all together.

Photos do that. Not the ones on my phone, or on the computer. It's too easy to lose the special times in the noise of all those other snapshots. My Time Machine is the prints. Those moments in life I've taken the time and effort to immortalise in print. I can feel them.

The memories. I can lose myself in them. Sometimes just by looking at the wall where they hang. These are the special times.

With a photographic studio situated in Tamworth I can capture those memories for you. We can build you your own Time Machine, together we will save those precious moments for ever. All you need to do is get in touch and I'll take care of the rest!


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